1.I will choose some people to write a specific message on a paper and then take a picture holding it. So, when I edit the video, I will put them together in sequence. For example:

Person 1 (paper): You are

Person 2 (paper): a special woman.

Got it? Good.

2. Different people (from the paper ones) will sing the Happy Birthday song. So, you must record it singing acapella, then when I edit I will put a song as background not to make it sound so “raw”.


1. Send me an e-mail ( with the message:

"I want to participate of Jake’s birthday doing _______"


a) the paper message

b) the birthday song.

2. Follow me on Twitter @asabfb_ or @Asanators to make sure to know about everything I post about it, ok?

I will send the e-mail back to the person with the message they will have to write on the paper.

Also, the singers will sing the whole song, so I will take a piece of each one. You don’t need to have a nice voice for it! Please, do it!

(Happy Birthday to you (2x)

Happy Birthday dear Jake

Happy Birthday to you)

If you have any questions please do message me!

I want everybody to participate, send me a e-mail as soon as you can please. I’m excited and I’m sure she will be happy.

-Lucca Something. x

m-in3 disse: Hii,where are you from?Even if you haven't asked,I'm from Brazil :) (and my english is not good)

Sou brasileiro também ;)

Who’s excited? Watch out ;)

Even grown up I still see that little kid!

Even grown up I still see that little kid!

A while ago I found this picture on Google Images, I had never seen it before, but it’s so beautiful.

This is Ender Wiggin drawed by me (I know my drawing skill is amazing right)

His faces are always the best!

I’ve found it online. The best movie ever :’)

"Oh how I missed you England. #hometown #london” - Asa Butterfield.

Adele know what you mean! ;)

That wasn’t a nice exploration! lmao

Have you ever noticed they have the same mouth? It’s awesome how the Butterfield family have real similar faces! :)

I don’t know if you guys have already seen but look what this woman Shelly has found in the theater next to her home!

Are you guys ready to go to college? ;) (Image by @sammcarrr)